Corporate Responsibility Social Empress Hotel ***. The health of people around the globe.

1. Aware of the current and future difficult situation for many populations of all continents,

2. Looking sensitize and educate Spanish society about the need to provide assistance to populations in crisis situations, without discrimination based on race, religion or political ideology,

The Hotel Emperatriz *** (in solidarity with the environment - eco-friendly hotel) has decided to give a permanent economic contribution through Doctors Without Borders (MSF), ie, having a gesture of solidarity whose sole purpose is to preserve life and alleviate suffering of other human beings on the planet in times of emergency whoever they are and wherever they are.

MSF was founded in Paris in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists, and since then his humanitarian work has not stopped growing, which earned him the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.

Join Doctors Without Borders! Help save lives !!!

Care policy environment Hotel Emperatriz ***.

Aware of the current situation of our planet, Hotel Emperatriz *** has chosen to implement an environmental policy through measures and initiatives that contribute to environmental protection. On Hotel Emperatriz *** ( "Eco-Friendly Hotel) applies inter alia the following:

- All shower faucets and sinks carry water flow metering to reduce consumption.

- All personnel recycle every day: paper, glass, plastic, batteries, ink cartridges, etc. ... and other waste in five different containers and at the end of the day each product is moved to its corresponding container having the City of Ocaña in the zone.

- Every day we put more light bulbs.

- When cleaning the hostel we use biodegradable products with neutral pH and non-aggressive environment.

- At the bottom of the email, in the card of the hostel and the hostel all documents we asked for close cooperation with the environment.

- Admitted pets and collaborate with SOS FELINA Felinae, Ie have a gesture of solidarity whose sole purpose is to preserve life and alleviate the suffering of animals on the planet.

Join to SOS FELINA Felinae Help save lives and animals !!!.

- Drugs, so beneficial to our health, are very harmful to nature if we throw in the garbage or down the drain, because they damage the environment and pollute our soil and our waters. Therefore, we do not throw the remnants of drugs, or containers in the trash or by drain and take you to the nearest pharmacy Hotel.

- Caring for the environment is a matter of culture and we must all learn something new every day.

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